Handphone Sterilizer

Handphone Sterilizer

Model: Kooler Mobile Phone STerilizer

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Kooler mobile phone is to help your phone sterilizer disinfection. Your phone is probably the most often contact you of the electronic equipment, no matter one of you be where he can use it. Although the existence of mobile communication convenient for people to contact, but the frequent use of mobile phones on the create the perfect bacteria living environment. Do you know how many germs lurking in your mobile phone? These bacteria lurk at any time is dangerous your physical health hidden trouble.

Now have a Kooler mobile phone disinfector, need only to a few short minutes it can for the mobile and bluetooth headset, earplugs, etc, and small equipment MP3 player disinfection. It's the job of the principle is simple, is to use ultraviolet light to be disinfected. As is known to all ultraviolet ray has a very good sterilizing effect, almost all the germs before him nowhere to hide, so this kind of Kooler mobile phone disinfector is absolutely you must not miss health guard.


     4、 The back cover cover and small window appears blue light band, disinfector has started work, disinfect 4 minutes, blue light band will automatically to put out, the disinfection has wiped out 99% of the bacteria. Sanitized, open the lid, remove items can.


Kooler mobile phone sterilizer operating instructions

1、Open the cover the bottom, according to the right are aligned in 3 AA batteries to cover the battery cover

2、Put the sterilizer cover up, will take out the mobile phone, basket in the middle, then disinfector sterilizer among indoor the button switches would sink, then cover cover, disinfector back to start work (disinfector with automatic induction switch)

     3、If you want to disinfect the goods, the small items in the middle of the basket, and then put the basket into disinfector, cover cover among back, disinfector start work (mp3 players, bluetooth headset goods such as ear plugs and can disinfect)


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